"daddy, is that art?"

Tate Modern 17/05/2012 - A child points at various objects and asks "Daddy, is that art?".

Tate Modern 07/01/2013 - I make my own inquires.

London, 2013


Dictaphone concealed in pocket, I walk through the Tate’s galleries and approach people who:


  • Present themselves as male.

  • Appear old enough to be my father.

  •  Are engaged in the activity of looking.


When I find someone that meets these criteria I tap him on the shoulder and, pointing wherever his gaze was directed until I interrupted it, ask “Daddy, is that art?”

The conversations that followed were transcribed and collaged with imagery filmed in the Tate Modern the same day.


Video projection and stack of letter press prints, free to take.

Vault, Shoreditch Town Hall 2013

BYOB, Moving Image Art Fair, Oxo Tower Warf 2013